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Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminars - Level II Testimonials

What Others Say About Tranquil Heart Esssential Oil Seminars - Level II

I recommend the Tranquil Heart Seminar to anyone who is interested in healing and living a balanced, joyful life.  I took this class for my own learning and benefit.  It exceeded all my expectations and beyond.  The essential oils are amazing by themselves, but having Kathy's instruction and sharing is priceless.  She is a gift to this universe.  I feel that the knowledge, understanding and compassion I gained will not only serve me in my day-to-day life, but will be very important in the years to come.  Essential Oils will be the Future. 
~ Judith Baumbach, Tubac, Arizona

The Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminars are great programs for those who want to expand their practice into an area to really have an impact on the root of many diseases - unresolved emotions. 
~ Teena Johnson, CCI, Dallas, Texas

The Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminar was fantastic!!!  I highly recommend this program to everyone!!  This important class allows time to experience and experiment with various tools and helped pull things together for me.We did a lot of ''playing'' with new techniques and had a blast putting it to action.  There were many life-changing experiences that we as a group witnessed, as well as in our practice sessions.  I believe it is beneficial for us to learn more about what's possible and this seminar provided that platform.  I'm looking forward to continuing the work. 
~ Celeste Buie, BSME, CMT, CCI(e), Canton, Michigan

Thanks again for an incredible, life changing week of training.  This Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminar had a profound transforming impact on me that I will be able to immediately put to work to help facilitate wholeness and healing of even the most difficult cases.  Thank you for helping me understand the nuances of emotional connections.  Understanding the signs and symbols in the physical and emotional body allows us to directly support a client as they unravel their own personal story line and heal the body and mind at the deepest levels.  Driving home all I could think was that I felt I had gone through an initiation.  Instead of being intimidated, I am now excited about doing this work with others.  I am so excited to be able to extend a loving and healing hand to my family and my community.  Vacation was great, but T.H.E.O.S. was even better!  Thank you. 
~ Nancy Gouch, BCRS, FCCI, LSH, Wheaton, Illinois

I have no suggestions for improvement on Kathy's Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminars. Kathy gave us so many more tools to use.  She made emotional release easy to apply the tools that we have been given.  Emotional Release now reminds me of Forrest Gump's statement, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you don't know what you'll get."  And so it is, as we do this work.  Thank you Kathy for believing in all of us, that we can do this. 
~ Irene Buckley, LMT, FCCI, Harlan, Iowa

After participating in a CARE Intensive with Kathy, my friend and I were thrilled to learn that she had posted a Tranquil Heart Seminar, too.  I was especially excited because Kathy would be working and teaching outside of 'the box.'  Kathy has a deep understanding of the human condition, both its difficulties and its beautiful gifts.  She has much life experience to draw from and if there ever were rocks of coal that have turned to diamonds, it's those life experiences from which she pulls and illumes her students paths as well as her own. 

My experience in the Tranquil Heart Seminar was something I will never forget.  We each got a chance to 'Do Our Own Work' and open ourselves to releasing those things that keep us from standing up, claiming what is ours and walking in our power.  After having prepared us with the  'tools' we practiced facilitating each other.  No one's experience is the same, nor could it ever be.  As for me, I felt like I went to Disney!  I am amazed daily at the power of Young Living's true Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and breath...oil and breath...oil and breath.  What God has laid before us in this good earth is utterly awesome.

I am blessed to be able to have watched Kathy work with her students.  She is truly a master.  Her sensitivity to a person's spirit, condition, and hidden stuff is a marvel.  I am blessed.  And I am different today, because Kathy hears a heavenly drum and orders her steps to its beat.  Thank you, Kathy.
~ Barbara A. Borgeld, Boyne City, Michigan

How does one begin to adequately acknowledge such a gifted teacher as Kathy Spohn? Kathy has a true insight in effectively understanding and communicating the language of feelings. For anyone wishing to develop a deeper understanding of "emotional connections," this class is for you. For those wishing to work with others who are aching emotionally, this class is for you. And for those looking for a deeper understanding of their personal feelings, personal growth and inner peace, this class is for you, too.  I am so grateful for what Kathy has done in putting this powerful work together and sharing it with the world.  
~ Jamie Hyatt RN, FCCI, BCRP, LSH, Kingsport, Tennessee

Linda and I have just returned from a truly outstanding training, under the most excellent tutelage of Kathy Spohn.  Her depth of knowledge, keen insight, vast experience and God-given anointing for this work, plus her ability to clearly transmit that to her students will greatly empower the serious learner to carry this healing work to a very high level.  To have gained a much greater understanding of the whys and wherefores of the emotional release process and to be able now to incorporate all the additional tools we received along with the wisdom and discernment Kathy imparted to us distilled from her many years of daily work in this area, now that is awesome!  We STRONGLY encourage everyone to attend one of Kathy's future "Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminars" as they become available.  Those of us who participated in this seminar all agreed that it was powerful and a great privilege to participate in.  We know this class has given us the abilities to see a much greater multitude of individuals set free, and that is exciting!  Thank you Kathy! 
~ Bruce Dietler, FCCI, BCRS & Linda Dietler, SCCI, BCRS, Whitewater, Kansas

This Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminar opened my eyes to many things.  I have a new appreciation for God, His word, His gifts, and His people.  I was struck by Kathy's passion for this work, her pioneering studies, her desire to stay biblical, and her evident respect for everyone; facilitators, receivers, students, and walk-ins.  Each and every person was treated with kindness and respect.  Kathy, God has gifted you in a huge way.  May He send those who will help carry this good work to others.  I appreciate you so much.  
~ Joan Pauley, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminars address profound ways to deeply effect the healing of so many who have been wounded and are hurting.  More people need to be engaged in this good work to help bring freedom to those who are seeking it.  Kathy Spohn is very skillful at passing along her knowledge and experience to those who are motivated to learn.  She has a great heart of compassion and encourages facilitators to network in order to have a healing impact on a great number of people.  Kathy is a wonderful encourager and helps the student understand ways they too can be used as we are lifted up.  I LOVE YOU, Kathy!!!                       
~ Mary Arnold, Nashville, Tennessee 

This workshop is one you want to participate in.  Kathy is very gifted and a walking book of knowledge from her experiences.  She is a wonderful teacher and shares so much in how to do this work.  She ties in scripture from a unique approach.  You will leave blessed and prepared.  Don't miss this awesome class.   
~ Judy Addington, LMT, CR, FCCI, Elizabethton, Tennessee

Kathy is a wealth of knowledge.  She is easy to understand and makes a person comfortable. She is so passionate on what she does, it makes us excited to learn and do our own emotional work. 
~ Gail Hunter, LMP, FCCI, Boring, Oregon

This seminar was life changing not just for me, but to future clients as well.  Kathy is a knowlegeable and gracious instructor.
~ Lynne Zimmer, Harbor Springs, Michigan

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