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To Whom It May Concern:
Kathy has been a trusted referral source for my primary care and integrative medicine practice for many years.  She has helped me with the use of her aromatherapy expertise to handle some of my most difficult cases, including patients with anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia.   Kathy is very gifted, and not only practices aromatherapy, but teaches it extensively as well.  She is the utmost professional with her clients and in all of the interactions I've had with her.  I would highly recommend her to any other physician, chiropractor, naturopath or other practitioner interested in natural ways of addressing physical and mental issues.  Please feel free to contact me at your convenience for any further questions or concerns. 
With regards,
Ann M. Auburn, DO

To Whom It May Concern,
This is a letter of endorsement for Kathy Spohn.  I am a clinical neuropsychologist who has worked in the Grand Rapids area for over 35 years.  I have known Kathy professionally and personally for the past nine years.

Kathy's expertise in the application of Essential Oils is well known and recognized in the Grand Rapids area and beyond.  I have personally observed her treat clients with the Emotional Release and Raindrop Techniques as part of her treatment approach.  I have seen clients that she has treated improve in their behavior and thinking and have heard patients themselves describe the health benefits they have received from Kathy working with them.

I have referred patients to Kathy who were neurologically impaired from a head trauma or stroke.  I have seen great improvements in these patient's behavior, mood, and cognitive processing.  I have a family member who has personally benefited from Kathy's treatments.

I have also attended Kathy's seminar on Essential Oils.  She is a nationally known instructor and therapist in her field and has been asked to make presentations and put on training seminars nationwide.

It is a pleasure to offer this letter of endorsement for Kathy Spohn.  I hold her high in regard as a colleague and professional resource.  I am glad that she is available to work with me in mutually treating patients who are emotionally and cognitively impaired.  

Wilbur B. Leer, PhD, ABPP
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Diplomate, Rehabilitation Psychology
Diplomate, American Board of Medical Psychotherapists

To Whom It May Concern:
Please accept this letter as a reference for Kathy Spohn.  We have known Kathy as a colleague professionally for over 10 years, and she had subleased office space from us for eight years.

As clinical social workers, we are open-minded to various paths of healing.  We embrace Kathy's services through the Raindrop Technique, Emotional Release and knowledge and application of Essential Oils.  We have witnessed personally and professionally the benefits of symptom relief and healing.

Specializing in treating children with early traumatic experiences, we understand the neurobiological impairments that occur and lead to affective and cognitive dysregulation, particularly to the right brain hemisphere which is so critical to emotional and social development of self-control and attachment.  This often leads to somatic connection of the trauma.  In simple words, the body holds the trauma!

Kathy's services directly address this issue and we have come to a greater appreciation of how her services are so compatible with our clinical services to resolve trauma.  It is with confidence we can refer our clients to her for adjunctive services.  Therefore, it is with positive intent and high regard we offer this letter as a reference for Kathy Spohn, Facilitator and Instructor.

Joseph Kohley LMSW, ACSW, CAAC, CCS
Ruth Kohley LMSW, ACSW

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to officially endorse the restorative health modalities of Kathy Spohn.  I have known Kathy professionally and personally for over 11 years.  Several of my patients, some of my own family members, and I have personally benefitted from her work and instruction.  I have seen its usefulness in treating some addictive and emotional disorders as well. 

I have enjoyed reading numerous clinical case histories in this field, and have learned to appreciate both the biblical and historical uses, as well as the medical science behind these essential oils.  

Kathy uses therapeutic grade essential oils.  These are some of our Creator's most valuable and useful plant based natural medicines.  Her teaching seminars and work with clients have been very helpful for a wide variety of challenges within professional fields and the common household as well.

Therefore, I give my full endorsement to Kathy Spohn and her very professional and compassionate work.

Robert W. Miner, M.D. 
Consulting Psychiatrist

I have not only taken one of Kathy's courses, but have also had a personal session with her. She is fantastic in both settings!  She is very knowledgeable as an instructor and extremely compassionate as a provider of her services.  If you are seeking any type of alternative therapies for problems, I recommend a visit with her.
Laura Tinning, D.O.

I heartily recommend Kathy as a consummate professional.
Kevin Flood, D.D.S

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