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Following being diagnosed with PTSD in the Marine Corps and having an ischemic stroke in late-2008 (while still on active duty), I returned to Michigan to receive physical/occupational therapy in order to return to duty healthy and able to be self mobile. During the process of therapy, I approached Kathy who helped me through the use of therapeutic essential oil sessions. For the 6 months+ that followed her non-invasive treatment, I was able to find peace of mind that was previously a cluttered mess, which helped me to deal with and work through issues I had pertaining to my PTSD and Depression. Without the initial (and with the help of a follow-up) appointment and Kathy's professional approach to assisting me through the healing process, I wouldn't be where I am as a functioning retired war veteran of the military and stroke survivor.

I highly recommend Kathy without reservation, especially to those that may be suffering from a variety of different traumatic issues (i.e., PTSD, Depression, STSD, etc.). Kathy was professional, accommodating, understanding and patient."
~ Tony Lamson

For those of you living in or traveling near west Michigan, I highly encourage you to consider receiving a session with Kathy.  She does some amazing work. Dealing with my own PTSD, I spent a bit of time in Kathy's office. The first time I left there feeling such a sense of peace. A peace that I don't think I had ever felt before in my entire life. It was like somebody had picked me up and wrapped me up tightly in a warm blanket. EVERYTHING looked, felt and smelled way different to me that day. I still can't really explain it, but whatever she did in there, it was definitely GOOD for me. I also walked out of Kathy's office feeling as if I had somehow just awakened from a very long sleep. I was very alert and aware of everything around me.   Don't be afraid to receive a session with Kathy. She has a gift that truly amazes me.
~ More Peace in Michigan
I wanted to say something exceptionally poignant about how much Kathy has helped my daughter and me, but I am simply not a crafter of words.  So, I will just say that I do not kow what my daughter and I would do had we not experienced the healing of mind and body that Kathy has imparted to us, and I don't even want to think about it!  I wish and hope for all to come to know the benefits of the modalities Kathy uses.  
~ Mary Beth in Michigan
Kathy's work is simply amazing!  I have struggled with asthma throughout my life and have tried a variety of practitioners in the holistic field after allopathic medicine gave up on me.  Although I've improved greatly through holistic treatments, I still had difficulty taking full, deep breaths.
During my session, we addressed the emotional/traumatic event which precipitated the asthma onset.  My body literally restructured!  For the first time in my conscious memory, my ribs expanded in an upward and outward pattern.  The negative emotions which I had been storing and holding in my intercostal muscles were released through the use of essential oils and Kathy's professional and compassionate expertise. 
Today, I can breathe much more easily, fully, and relaxed.  My session was absolutely remarkable and I couldn't be more excited and grateful for Kathy's work. I hope to continue my healing with future appointments.  I recommend Kathy without hesitation!
~ Better Breathing Bonnie
Kathy Spohn impressed the socks off me when she volunteered at a family bonding camp in Michigan. The parents and I at camp saw and felt the changes in person and made believers out of us all.
~ Nancy Thomas

I love what I do, although I really wish that there wasn't a need for what I am doing over here everyday.  There are just so many hurt kids out there in this world, and this has been such a long hard road for all of us.   I'm just very grateful that you've (Kathy) been kind enough to step in and help support us on this painful journey.   I feel very blessed to know you Kathy.  Keep up the good work with what you are doing. 
~ Respite Provider

I was referred to Kathy Spohn for a "Raindrop Plus" session by my sister-in-law because of persistent pain in my hips and knees.  I have had both of my hips replaced and my right knee because of osteoarthritis.  My left knee too, is arthritic.  Kathy spent close to three hours with me during the session in July of 2011.  I am almost pain free still today in July 2012, a year later.  I give thanks first to YHVH, our Father in Heaven, and also to Kathy for allowing me an improved quality of life.
~ Rosalie Almas, Retired RN

At first I didn’t think I could afford to try a session with Kathy, but I later realized that each treatment afforded me priceless, long term benefits. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue induced by the Epstein Barr virus many years ago and as a result, have experienced very limiting symptoms (sore throats that led to upper respiratory infections, body aches & swelling, fatigue, and loss of mental acuity) whenever my sleep patterns were interrupted, I exercised too strenuously, or was exposed to emotional trauma or stress. For the past several years, I was ‘sick’ for about 2 weeks out of every month or two. My family doctor was unable to provide any relief of my symptoms, so I began exploring alternate treatments.

Finally, I went to Kathy and began Raindrop and Emotional Release sessions with her. I immediately experienced healing benefits on both my body and consciousness. After each session with Kathy, I felt very visible effects and my symptoms were more controlled. During sessions, Kathy worked to address and heal not only my physical symptoms, but she was also able to uncovered and address underlying emotional trauma associated with them. I literally felt a clearing away of wounds and unhealthy patterns of feeling and thinking, and a freeing of positive and loving energy.

Kathy is a remarkable and gifted facilitator. Her training and expertise in the discipline of healing oils and body work is coupled with her personal gifts of intuition, empathy, and being spiritually in-tune, which results in very powerful healing. In only a few short months, I experienced emotional and physical healing with Kathy that put me back to a place of health and vitality. I have started exercising again and haven’t been sick for several months now. I would recommend Kathy’s treatments to anyone who is suffering from negative symptoms instead of health and well-being, and especially if traditional methods have not worked for you. I will always be grateful for the friendship and healing Kathy shared with me in just a few short months.
~ 46 year old Market Researcher

I wanted to have a session with Kathy because I was curious about using oils for healing. I was aware of the success of others, and so I wanted to experience a raindrop session first hand. What I thought would be a lovely experience (and it was) immediately turned into so much more. Her intuitive insights went quickly to the issues that I needed and wanted to address. The brief and gentle emotional realizations produced clearing and releasing and placed me on the path to healing. The benefits were so positive. What I appreciated the most was that, through oils and personal insight, she gave me the keys to assist with my own healing. The benefits are long lasting, but I am looking forward to another session in the future and am recommending Kathy to all of my friends. Kathy is a rare and lovely gift and we are so lucky to have her in our community. What a blessing!
~ Judy, Saugatuck, Michigan

I’m not sure how to say this without sounding dramatic.  Honest to God, I never felt this good in years.  My worry seems to be gone. I’ve received various other modalities, but I never noticed such a huge difference in how much better I felt.  My session was such a cool experience, much more than I thought it would be.  I’ve not felt this carefree in years.   Thank you for the difference you have made in my life.
~ Way Better in West Michigan

Since my session with you (Kathy), I have experienced some "awarenesses" of things I don't normally have.  But even more than that, I have insights into past things that have happened to me.  Other than that, I am more active in getting things done, and I hear the music again.  Not like I used to, but I hear it, and at times I find myself humming or singing.  Before, it was just such an effort that it felt like everything in me had died.  But the greatest change is that it always seemed that there was this little feeling of irritation, and that is just gone.  My spirit feels lighter, and I don't get upset quite as fast and things that people say to me don't hurt me quite as much as they did.
~ 48 Year Old Teacher
I just wanted to give you and update and thank you for all the work you have done on me.  It's amazing how awesome I am doing now.  It's almost like I can see new results everyday, and I can handle things so much better now.  You have truly made my life much better.  I am still using the oils everyday and working on my breathing and relaxing.  I am also teaching others about the oils as best I can, and they are showing great interest in them, as well as using them too. 
~ College Student

I can't believe how beautiful my session was with no words even spoken.  My questions were answered without saying anything. How can I thank you enough?  I'm relieved with so much off my shoulders.
~ Silently Relieved

Yesterday morning, my son started talking about this, that, and everything. All of a sudden he blurted out, "You know, Kathy really has helped me a lot!"  That was WAY OFF TOPIC. I laughed and asked him what he meant. He said, "I used to be afraid to lay there in the dark and go to sleep in my bedroom, but now I'm not afraid anymore."  I asked him why he thought that YOU were the one who helped him with that problem, and he said, "When I was laying on her table, she made me feel soooooooooo relaxed and ever since she did that, I can lay in my bed and feel relaxed there too."  He went on to say that the noises no longer frightens him in the night, and he's just pretty sure that it's all because of his session with you. It was interesting to listen to him try to put it all into words. I think it's safe to say that he sort of likes you, as well as what you do. BIG HUG to you tonight, for all that you've done for our entire family. THANK YOU!
~ Mom of RAD teen who is learning to feel safe

I recently had an Emotional Release Technique session with Kathy. During the treatment, I had the comfortable feeling that I was in the hands of a true professional who knew essential oils and exactly which oils to use and when to use them to have the greatest impact on me. I am still feeling the positive effects of that experience. I believe I have released many of the old emotional and mental blocks which were stored in my body so that I can now move forward with more confidence and peace in my life. I heartily recommend Kathy and her expertise with essential oils.
~ John, Grand Rapids, Michigan

What I have seen in the person you facilitated a session for has been a life-changing event. He is much more open to speaking about his 'feelings' and listening to what others say. In observing him, I have found him to have a less selfish attitude since the Emotional Release work. Negative attitudes and words are spoken less often; but better than that is the fact that he is more positive. This is amazing! Changes continue to be noted as time progresses. When conversing with him, I find he seems happier as an individual. My heartfelt thanks to you, Kathy.
~ Southern J

I want to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You very well might have saved my life! I really don't know what to say. Thank God, and thank you.
~ S.R., Grand Rapids, Michigan

The day before I was scheduled to be a volunteer receiver in Kathy's Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminar I was in a severe car accident. Receiving this session was exactly what I needed. I relived the crash at least 4 times the night of the accident. One does not realize the extent of trauma to our electrical system, the shock of the crash and how it affects us now and years later, mentally and physically. My body needed to feel safe again, to be balanced out, soothed, and allowed to release the confusion, the trauma, the shock and the fear. The memory of the incident will probably never go away BUT it doesn't have to be remembered through triggers and tears. Keeping the emotions inside will eventually manifest themselves physically. The release of these fears, and trauma is absolutely healthy.

My student facilitator in this workshop was, a very sensitive, caring, understanding, and gentle woman, with a future in emotional release. She hung in there with me while I cried and shook and shook some more, comforting me and allowing my energies (which were totally fractured and scattered) to settle down and come together again. I would think I would have scared her off with all the shaking going on as my body released the trauma.

I live in Cadillac and on the way down, just thinking about the accident and the fear I had at the time would make me cry all over again. I did this a couple of times in the 2 hour ride. Since I was on the table for 3 hours, I feel so much more connected and settled. Since, I have had to repeat the accident details to doctors and lawyers numerous times and have not had an inkling to cry. I haven't had that helpless feeling. Actually, I feel empowered. Thank you so very much and bless you both; My student facilitator for making the decision to do this work, and Kathy for opening doors for so many who choose to go through them. It is life changing for both the giver and the receiver.
~ Calmed in Cadillac, Michigan

I first heard of aromatherapy from our trusted family counselor. He told me about Kathy Spohn, an experienced essential oils teacher and provider. Aromatherapy sounded airy-fairy to me, but I went ahead and talked with Kathy on the phone and made an appointment for a Raindrop session. Then I canceled the appointment because I needed to know more about what I was getting into.

After reading more, I rescheduled. The Raindrop session was wonderful. I not only felt very relaxed and at peace, but I sensed God was working in my body to sort out my physical ailments. A week or so later I went back to Kathy for an Emotional Release session. That was amazing. I have had various forms of therapy over the years, but this was very different because there was practically no talking. The first oil she applied took me immediately back to a room and a situation that occurred when I was four. From then on it was as if I made a review of my life, dropping in on critical events. I experienced pain and sorrow, but also a deep sense of balance. I saw the "bad" things that happened to me, but I also saw that I had survived, that with God's grace I was strong and well. At the end of the Emotional Release session I felt completely balanced and at peace. I had acknowledged the pain, forgiven all involved, and was firm on my feet.

One of the most crucial changes I experienced right away was with sleep. For decades I have had terrible trouble falling asleep. I am famous for listening to the BBC World News in the middle of the night. Now I apply a drop of Peace & Calming blend--or vary it with Lavender or Valor--and I am asleep in ten minutes. For years I have had asthma. It began one night over 30 years ago when I was forced to sleep in a moldy sleeping bag. I had to use an inhaler every night when I went to bed. The wheezing was usually accompanied with mucous in the back of my throat so every night I had a wad of Kleenex under my pillow. This has totally changed. No more inhaler, no more tissue. Occasionally I feel my asthma starting to kick in, but I am able to curtail it by applying Purification on my lung and bronchial reflex points on the top of my feet. For most of my adult life I have taken allergy medicine for hay fever as soon as plants start blooming in the spring. Since using essential oils, I am pill free. When hay fever symptoms start to rear up, I use Lavender on my sinus points under my toes and the symptoms subside. 
Since I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in 2005, I have continued to be asthma and hay fever free and have found dozens--maybe hundreds--of uses for the oils to improve my physical and emotional health. I've taken classes from Kathy Spohn and learned to do Raindrop and Emotional Release for my friends and family.
~ Author/Artist

After receiving an Emotional Release session with Kathy, I seem to be more open with my emotions, and more emotional, period. I'm also more sensitive to others. I am more focused on being considerate of others, with less of a selfish bent.
~ Tennessee Teacher

Having been diagnosed with symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, I was looking for relief from the pain in my back, shoulders, neck, legs, feet, etc. This first Raindrop, I felt my shoulders relax - it wasn't as difficult to raise my hands to the steering wheel to drive home. My legs would sometimes sting like rubber bands being snapped on the bottom of my feet with every step I took, and my legs were heavy when I walked. I noticed it was easier to walk and life my legs and they were not as fatigued.
~ Piano Teacher in Iowa

My first Emotional Release Session was in Kathy's CARE class in Omaha, Nebraska. I wasn't sure what emotional release with essential oils was. I was hesitant and wondered what I had gotten myself into, but felt I had been led by the Lord to follow through. I couldn't remember a time when my chest didn't get sharp, shooting pain - like a lightening bold across it. I had gone to doctors and they couldn't find any reason for it as my blood pressure and pulse were always normal. I assumed it was something I would have to live with. I had hated my father my whole life, and it had manifested as chest pains. What I experienced was profound. My father died 2 weeks later. Before he died, I was able to go in and tell him that I loved him and forgave him. The first time, he almost broke my hand with his angry grip. I did it again the day he died. This time I did not get the angry grip. I have not had any chest pains since. Praise God! Thank you, Kathy.
~ Massage Therapist Participant in Nebraska

I always balked at the idea of lying on a table and baring my soul to someone, even if I knew them. So, when a friend told me that Kathy would be in St. Louis and suggested that I should receive an Emotional Release Session with her, my first reaction was to laugh. I knew who Kathy was, but why on earth would I let, basically, a stranger work on me when I wouldn't even let people I knew?! However, I thought about it and talked to Kathy on the phone. She put me at ease right away just talking to her. So, I decided to go ahead with it.

I drove the two hours to St. Louis and was a bundle of nerves by the time I got there. As I knocked on the door, my hands were sweating, my heart was pounding, and a little voice in my head was yelling, "Run away while you still have a chance!" But, I stayed and had one of the best experiences of my life. Kathy was very sweet and calm and let me take my time at feeling relaxed. She has a very soothing voice that puts you at ease very quickly.

During the session, I was able to let go of some things in my life that were weighing heavily on my shoulders. I felt relaxed and at ease (a total 360 degree turn from my emotions just minutes before). Within a matter of moments, Kathy had earned what I had only given 3 or 4 people in my life, my trust. I can say with absolute certainty that the session with Kathy changed my life 1000%! I feel better about myself as a person, more at ease with the decisions I make in my life, and less bothered by people who used to make me feel terrible most of the time when I talked to them. I was always a pretty cheerful person before, but now it's like the sun is shining everyday. That's the best way I can describe it.

I cannot thank Kathy enough for what she has done in my life. I tell people that if they have the chance to get an Emotional Release Session with Kathy, not to let the chance slip by because it will be one of the best decisions they could make in their life. Thanks a million, Kathy!
~ Office Assistant in Missouri

After my session (with Kathy), I felt so calm and noticed that my body was not hindered by the stress that I had previously experienced. I now feel 80% healthier and able to be at peace with my life. I have recommended this therapy to the people I know. It is wonderful. I heard about this work from a friend who was remarkably helped!
~ Michigan Homemaker

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