Kathy Spohn

Instructor, Facilitator, Independent Consultant

CARE Intensive Testimonials

What Some People Have Said About Kathy Spohn as A CARE Instructor 2002-2012
Note: Classes are now called "Tranquil Heart Essential Oil Seminars"

This program was both educational and healing.  I am looking forward to adding the oils to my counseling practice and to integrate the information into my teaching curriculum.
~ Janet K. Cook, PhD, Elkhart, Indiana

I came all the way to America for this course.  It was far beyond all my expectations and I recommend it to any person interested in healing.  It is a testimony of good fellowship and a practical hands-on training both widely and specifically focussed.  Great!
~ Holger Grimme, Wallenfels, Bavaria, Germany

This program is well worth the time and money!  It has been all that I expected and much more.  I would recommend this seminar to everyone who has a heart to facilitate the healing power of the body.
~ Justin Monfort, Mendon, Ohio

As an RN with extensive psychiatric nursing experience and a licensed massage therapist, I have been exposed to a lot educationally and experientially, but this  Seminar was one of the most comprehensive educational seminars I have ever come across.  Kathy Spohn is a gifted and talented presenter.  I hope this information can reach the masses as it is absolutely life transforming.  
~ Darlene Plyler, Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Kathy is both experienced and knowledgeable.  She is intuitive, calm, kind, perceptive and fun to work with.  She evokes respect and responsiveness and cooperation from her students in a warm and loving atmosphere.  I love working with her.  I have benefited greatly from her gifts and look forward to continuing to learn from her.  
~ Cathy Tift RN, Zeeland, Michigan

I am so grateful for the information presented in this program.  It is invaluable to my use of oils and care of my family. 
~ Kate Topliff, Sag Harbor, New York

As a massage therapist, I was able to take the work that I do to the next level!  The understanding of the chemistry of essential oils is helping me explain the scientific way the oils work.  Thank you , Kathy.  It was a pleasure being in your class.
~ Melissa Bills, Caro, Michigan

I have been in health care for 23 years and have learned many different modalities.  Kathy has really got it together.  I hope we can get her again.
~ Delores Ludwick, Omaha, Nebraska

Much material was covered in 3 days time.  It was well planned and thoughtfully instructed.  I felt a sense of regret that I was only now learning about healing oils, and yet grateful to being lead to this introduction.  
~ Allen Bailey, Cudahn, Wisconsin

This program is an essential and integral part to all the healing arts.  God has naturally provided essential oils to heal ourselves and others.  This is a new paradigm that will surely be a major movement.
~ Dr. Scott Wruck, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Such a profound program.  This program has calmed my concerns and fear about the oils and using them in the process of working with emotional issues. My first experience was from above.  This was so Biblical.  Thank you.
~ Awana Johnson, Hendersonville, Tennessee

I attended the Healing Oils of the Bible class in Syracuse, New York on the 29th of April.  First of all I have to tell you that you were absolutely wonderful.  I enjoyed it so much, and the anointing that took place for my Mother was awesome...she has not been this mentally good in years.  Thank you so much.  You are a much blessed person.
~ Penny LeClair, Rochester, New York

An absolutely great workshop.  Kathy has a gift and a passion for her work.  This combination made my experience profound.  I feel blessed as well as educated.  I look forward to interacting with Kathy in this area.  
~ Adonai Richardson, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kathy, it was quickly apparent that you "know you stuff."  But beyond that, the most frequently stated comment was that you equated the oil info with a profound awareness of the spiritual overtones.  Few teachers have been so gifted!  Thank you!  Thank you!  May your awareness continue to be "distilled."
~ Delores Spence, Hillsdale, Michigan

Delores also wrote:
What a delight to listen to those who have tuned in to the wisdom of the ages.  I am so grateful for these special ones who looked deeper at the scriptural truths and have challenged us to do likewise.

I would recommend this seminar particularly to men who care about their health and the health of others.  The caring attitude and the hands on experience is invaluable.
~ Jerry Bixby, Troy, Michigan

I would not even attempt to improve on the well run program!  What a great opportunity we had to have Kathy here in St. Clair Michigan.  Kathy is very knowledgeable in the oil techniques.  Her individual hands on attention instills confidence.  I love the oils and sharing information with others.  Now, I am excited to go out and share even more and put into practice the techniques I've learned to help others. Thank you Kathy for an outstanding job, and sharing your love!
~ Christine Panich, Macomb, Michigan

This has been a wonderful learning experience and has provided me with a great basis for beginning to work and develop with the oils.
~ Celeste Buic, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Kathy is VERY fun and SO passionate about her purpose.  I would take another of her classes in a minute!  Love her, love her. 
~ Tiffany Brown, Rochester, New York

Great to have a standardized procedure for the Raindrop Technique.  Learning environment was great with a small group.   Pace and amount of information was perfect.  Looking forward to more training.
~ Emma Harner, Lansing, New York

As a lay person who will be utilizing the program for personal use only, I felt it was presented in an easy format that all could follow.
~ Mary Miller, Fairport, New York

Wonderful information, clearly explained.  I used to think aromatherapy was just something nice smelling.  I love the science behind it.
~ Maggie Timofy, Syracuse, New York

Kathy is very knowledgeable and able to answer questions about the oils.  I was particularly impressed with her patience as well as her knowledge of the Bible.
~ Helen Lutz, Rochester, New York

Kathy's knowledge and excellent presentation supplied a significant piece to the puzzle regarding healing the whole person and verified and confirmed the direction I am going in.  I greatly appreciate her work and am thankful for the opportunity to attend her training program.
~ Kay Graves, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Incredible class!  Kathy is great and has such a gift with both the oils and with people.  Always happy, always a smile, always patient and always ready to share her knowledge of oils.  Her passion shows and overflows onto all who are in her presence.  I only wish the class lasted longer!
~ Sharie Cundall, Guernsey, Wyoming

This was the most awesome seminar I have ever attended.  As long as I walk this earth, I will be using the information I received.  Thank you!
~ Carol Gowans, Novi, Michigan

Kathy Spohn was a treat--sure a dynamic, inspiriting presenter. Powerful.  She is an asset to your organization.  She is obviously very gifted and brings love into her work that is so powerful. 
~ Mary Palmer, Anna, Illinois

I appreciated the very professional, yet very personal approach demonstrated by Kathy Spohn. It was a truly awesome experience for me. Just wish I could afford a steady diet of this! Thank you!  for all you stand for and for bringing this information to us."
~ Twyla Skov, Windsor, Colorado

Kathy is a wonderful facilitator.  I had my first Raindrop session and what an awesome experience.  I highly recommend this seminar to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and about the oils.  
~ Bill Clifford, Lansing, Michigan

Excellent. Well worth the drive. I'm glad that I made the effort now instead of waiting until it was more convenient for me. I have a much better grasp of the oils now and am more confident to share with others.
~Tammie Dexture, Angus, Ontario Canada

This is the best program of this kind I have attended.  I greatly appreciate the commitment to quality & consistency, which provides a greater sense of professionalism.  A warm & supportive atmosphere was always present as well.  Thank you for your great work.
~ Sandra Parkins, Avada, Colorado

I really didn't have any idea the impact this week-end would have on my understanding and appreciation of the oils.  This course has enhanced my awareness of the sacredness of what we do for ourselves and others with the oils whether we are using the raindrop technique, emotional release, and in my case as a reflexologist.  Thank you Kathy for following the vision and call of God to make this knowledge available to us in a way that makes us hunger for more of the oils and more of God.  
~ Deborah Stethen, Corryton, Tennessee

I came into the class as a beginner.  I was unsure if I would be able to do any of it.  I am leaving this class feeling confident and well-trained, ready to practice.  Thank you for such an excellent instructor.
~ Patricia Szczepanski, Johnson City, New York

After 10 1/2 years of doing Raindrop-this seminar helped my technique 100%!  So many bits of info and technique clicked for me.
~ Dolores Candelara, Aveblo, Colorado

I feel much more confident using the oils and I am so excited to facilitate healing to all who want to learn and receive.  Thank you Kathy!
~ Jennifer Kelly, Burbank, California

If you are seriously committed to learning about therapeutic essential oils, this is THE course to take!  I've been studying EO's for 3 years and was amazed by the wealth of well-researched information, resources and experience presented.
~ Lana Lauder, Alberta, Canada

Having attended several different training opportunities presented by Kathy Spohn, I would highly encourage others to take part in anything she facilitates.  I have seen marginally interested novices and professionals both come away from her classes feeling motivated to move beyond their casual attitudes.  In my opinion, people are missing a great opportunity for personal growth if they pass-by one of her classes.
~ Pati Thayer, CMMT, CNA, Paw Paw, Michigan 

Pati wrote after repeating a CARE Intensive:
Kathy is a gifted teacher.  Her willingness to accept and hear loving criticism is by far one of her greatest strengths.  She empowered some very other strong gifted people this weekend, even the first timers.  I so look forward to seeing the ripple effect both through and in her and also with CARE as a whole.  I am honored to have had Kathy be my teacher this weekend.  Remember always, the joy is in the journey.  Bless you and all you touch.  You'll stand before Kings to bring the glory of God to all nations.  Let the fun begin.

If you get a chance to attend, GO!  This seminar tied things together and helped me understand the oils.  It was one of the best investments in wisdom, knowledge and understanding I have made.
~ Mark Corney, Grand Junction, CO

Kathy is a gift from God!  She helped create a wonderful learning atmosphere.  I feel totally confident to go and perform the things that were taught, which is something I was desiring to accomplish in this training program. 
~ Jennifer Graves, Hudson, Wisconsin

Kathy is very, very knowledgeable. You can tell she loves what she does.  It is very easy to understand and pick up in a short time.  She makes you feel good about yourself.  This workshop was enjoyable as well as a learning experience.
~ Debbie McCluer, Hillsdale, Michigan

I liked the way Kathy teaches as she demonstrates and then gives us the opportunity for hands on practice while she watches and answers our questions and gives suggestions.  Her sincerity and desire to help others is evident in everything she says and does.  I love Kathy.  I just wish more people would take advantage of such life changing seminars.  
~ Mary Castro, Rockford, Michigan

It has been a blessing to sit under the teaching and guidance of Kathy.  Her spirit of love of her work is truly shown through and through, especially through teaching the emotional healing class.  I suggest to anyone to take advantage of this great opportunity.
~Judi Curtis, So Holland, Illinois

Judy also wrote:
Kathy, Thank you, thank you thank you..for learning and sharing.   The seminar was a great success and you did so well in your teaching and caring.  Your passion for emotional release was shown immensely and the love and compassion for your client was all around you.  I pray that you always keep that love and passion in your heart, for only God can give you that gift.

A very thought provoking and motivating program.  I feel privileged to have been a participant in this program with David Stewart and Kathy Spohn.  I am much encouraged to continue to learn more about this amazing healing gift from God
~ Terry Todd, Birch Run, Michigan

Terry also wrote:
Kathy, thank you for a wonderful weekend.  It was probably one of the best weekends I've spent and I look forward to working with you in the future.  I am immensely interested in learning EVERYTHING I can and would love to have a forum or opportunity to meet again in the future.  You did a wonderful job and I could tell that your calling was indeed linked to your work with the oils.  You presented the miracle of the oils in a way that was easily understood and compelling.  All of the participants were lovely people-the environment was nothing but positive.

Kathy, Your efforts, your time, your devotion, make such a difference.  Thanks again from the heart, for a wonderful weekend workshop.  You inspired us all to new heights of love, healing and excellence!!
~ Lana Lauder, Alberta, Canada

I enjoyed the seminar with Kathy Spohn.  I really like the way she trusts the Lord for her guidance.  You did a fabulous job at presentation and you knew your stuff!  
~ Kay Salyards, Mundelein, Illinois

A wonderful program, very informative.  I learned a lot.  Kathy was well versed and related well with the students.  I will continue my journey with the CARE program.
~ Tiina Bieniek, Temperance, Michigan

I really felt a passion and love in the presence of the whole seminar.  It was such a joy to feel that love, a true gift from our God to share.  Thank you.
~ Joy Kaipio, Traverse City, Michigan

Kathy, thank you for doing such an outstanding job of handling all the details.  You are amazing.  I am grateful to have been here and shared this experience with you and such loving people.  I am grateful for your contribution to the healing community.  You have made a positive difference in my life!
~ Susan Gomez, Chesterfield, Missouri

The support I received individually, within a class of 33 students was amazing.  I feel like I have made many, many new friends.
~Nancy Harknett, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I came to this workshop a complete novice in both oils and body work.  The teaching part was clear and understandable.  The hands-on training was lovingly and caringly guided.  I was continually encouraged to learn in a safe environment.  Kathy was able to inspire trust and confidence in me through her own competency, caring and character.  She is truly a person of integrity who is interested in teaching others her knowledge rather than trying to grow her own importance and power.  She is gifted and is allowing God to use her mightily.  The weekend has given me an incredible amount of knowledge and confidence to go out and practice what I've learned!  Thank you!
~ Vicki McClellan, Grand Rapids, Michigan 

This has been a life changing experience for me.  I loved the oils but wasn't really sure what I was meant to do with it.  Now I think I know.  Kathy does a great job of keeping on task with so much to cover.
~ Ruthanne Garrett, Charlevoix, Michigan

Everything was done very professionally.  The love and compassion filled the entire seminar.  They are the most caring group I have had the privilege to work with.
~ Joyce Knapp, Coldwater, Michigan

Kathy had a real command with facilitating the emotional release.  So many people are hurting and we can't help unless we can express mercy as she and Dr. Stewart have shown so awesomely.
~ Lucinda Burke, Oxford, Michigan

The growing science and use of the oils relies upon education and user experience.  These classes give a broad base of resources for that growth.  They also represent future opportunity to work and explore the leading edge of this field.
~ Sheila Birdsall, Paw Paw, Michigan

This is one of the best bodywork classes I've taken in the ten years I've been studying this.  Kathy does a great job of relating a great technique.
~ Mary McMichael, Springfield, Nebraska

Kathy is very knowledgeable and is an excellent, patient teacher.  She relates very well with her students and is very supportive as they practice each technique.  I consider this a real privilege and blessing to attend her seminar.  
~ Marilyn Hirsch, North Platte, Nebraska

This weekend was an amazing experience.  Kathy is a wonderful presenter with a very positive energy.  I am certain that the things I've learned will change my life for the better.
~ Mona Axmann, Revenna, Nebraska

Kathy taught an excellent seminar.  It was a very exciting, rewarding, and life changing weekend.  Now I have a better understanding of the oils and my purpose in life.  I now have a feeling of confidence.  
~ Lee Ann McGregor, York, Nebraska

Kathy's knowledge of the oils and her passion are incredible.  She really knows her stuff!  I have learned so much and am excited to put it to use.  All thanks and praise to our Creator!
~ Kay Walker, Hartville, Wyoming

Up until now, I didn't care about chemistry.  This program made chemistry so easy to understand and it made sense why we need the knowledge with the oils.  I recommend it for everybody.  Kathy was the greatest...Wow, Great Teacher.
~ Sandra Waters, Smyrna, Georgia

Precious Kathy, What a fabulous weekend!  Hope you returned home refreshed and rejuvenated and especially blessed as you left us!
~ Maureen Welting, Loganville, Georgia

To listen to facts and truths being taught has empowered me to believe that amazing things can happen even through me.  Thank you!
~ Mary Lovingood, Riceville, Tennessee

Very uplifting and spiritual.  This program is a must for the healing to begin and spread throughout the world.
~ Alan Holubesko, Norwich, Connecticut

Truly a beautiful training.  Very pure, sincere presenters that are very knowledgeable and have a talent to present the information to the class.
~ Iveta Dervay, Vestal, New York

I felt among family here.  We bonded on levels we don't even fully comprehend.  Joyous blessings to all of us.  
~ Beverly Pilkington, Litchfield, Connecticut

I am totally grateful for this beautiful weekend seminar.  It has been genuinely love filled, inspirational, informational and healing on so many levels.  I feel I have found a way to work that I have been looking for. 
~ Pam Hoadley, Vestal, New York

This was absolutely more than I expected.  This was definitely created in partnership with God.  More to come.
~ Fran Gourdet, Bartonsville, Pennsylvania

Enlightening, profound and life changing.
~ Douglas Emery, New Harmony, Indiana

Kathy is an awesome teacher.  I recommend her to everybody who wants to learn the Vitaflex and Raindrop Technique and to get a better understanding of how it all works, especially the Emotional Release.
~ Marina Zandbergen, Hudsonville, Florida

Its a great program, lots of information, training, upbeatness and its very spiritual.  I plan to pass on information to friends and get them to come to a seminar.
~Betsy Pentecost, Eads, Tennessee

The magnitude of information is incredible.  I feel like I could repeat and repeat.  Thank you.
~ Carol Garvey, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

God definitely led me here.  This seminar has been a huge gift to me.  I feel like I have come into a very large room that I did not know existed filled to overflowing with God's wisdom, mercy, grace and healing power.  Thank you Daddy, Kathy and David!
~ Mary Arnold, Nashville, Tennessee

How does one put into words the magnificence of God's healing touch through the healing oils.  Kathy, thank you for your healing touch.  You have finally put to rest the war in my heart and mind.  Thank you just doesn't seem enough.  You are in my heart forever.  Thank you for your love and knowledge and for my freedom.  My thoughts and prayers are with you always.  I look forward to seeing you again.  Love and prayers.
~ Theresa Johnson, Johnson City, Tennessee

A wonderful weekend!  Kathy is so nurturing that one feels free to make mistakes and be corrected.  Very special for all of us.
~ Hazel Harpster, Council Bluff, Iowa

Hazel also wrote:
I'm sure you know already how we all felt about this past weekend, but wanted to say it to you anyway.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience.  From start to finish, it was a wonderful, peaceful time of learning and growing in knowledge and awareness of what a special gift we have in our hands.  May we all apply it with tact and understanding to those who are looking for a better way!  I look forward to the next time we see you.

Everything was very well presented by Kathy and she was enjoyable to work with!
~ Linda Schumecker, West Point, Nebraska

If you have the opportunity to take a class taught by Kathy, you will be blessed to learn from her many experiences that she is willing to share.
~ Karen Putman, Omaha, Nebraska

I tend to have apprehension around groups of people, but I felt very comfortable at all times during this workshop.  It was a wonderful environment and I learned so much about the oils and about myself.
~ Melonie Abbott, Council Bluff, Nebraska

I liked receiving and giving the Vitaflex and oils.  I didn't know what to expect during the emotional clearing.  I received love, joy , healing, forgiveness, release and a burden carried for so long has finally been released.  What a joy to have been a participant in this seminar.  Thanks Kathy!  God has blessed you and your ministry.  God bless you!
~ Irene Buckley, Harlan, Iowa

Irene also wrote:
Thank you for this weekend.  When I heard about these classes last year, I just knew I needed to take one.  I am so thankful to have finally been able to attend one.  When you asked who wanted to become a CARE Instructor, I wasn't sure, so I didn't raise my hand.  But after what I experienced this weekend, I have no doubt that I need to do this.  God has truly blessed your ministry.  I also know, you didn't get to where you are today, without walking the walk.  Thank you for choosing to be a CARE instructor and sharing this weekend with me and the other students.  God Bless you!!!

It was really nice working with Kathy and the oils.  The seminar was everything I had hoped it would be.
~ Linda Schmuecker, West Point, Nebraska

Thank you for coming to Omaha.  What a blessing you are to others.  I am so thankful to have met you and to have had the privilege of attending your class.  May God bless.
~ Tammy Struebing, Albion, Nebraska

I have come from the class with a wealth of information and the benefit of an emotional release experience.  There is no doubt in my mind about the power of therapeutic essential oils to bring about healing and balance for body, mind & spirit.
~ Marilyn Burgess, Howell, Michigan

Wow!  Kathy is awesome.  I hope to have opportunity to do more workshops with her.
~ Lori Snizek, Haslett, Michigan

The seminar was a wonderful experience.  Kathy made us feel so at ease.  She's a great instructor.  I feel I've learned so much and would definitely recommend the seminar to anyone interested in the oils.
~ Carroll Schottey, Grand Haven, Michigan

Kathy Spohn is a very loving person.  Her motives are definitely in the right place.  She was truly enjoyable to learn from and a wonderful blessing.
~ Kimber Lindeman, Onsted, Michigan

The whole seminar was excellent.  The facilitators were very caring and provided an environment in which it was comfortable to learn.  Knowledge and blessings gained were in abundance.  It truly was a gift to attend.  
~ Catherine Mullaney, Woodbury, Minnesota

I loved all aspects of the classes.  The chemistry and emotional release were my favorites.  Thank you for teaching what you so obviously love.
~ Julie Blanchard, Brainerd, Minnesota

The personal attention and the hands on help with the actual techniques to make clear demonstration was priceless.  The presence of God (fruit) was apparent in the peace and gentleness.
~ Lindy Johnson, Taylors Falls, Minnesota

This weekend helped to fill a hunger and perpetuate my cravings for knowledge and truth in God and His promises.  
~ Jane Beard, Holmen, Wisconsin

I felt comfortable and inspired every step of the way.  Kathy and David are so committed and warm and giving.  They were excellent instructors.  I just can't say enough and I am very happy to be a part of CARE.
~ Colleen Behrandt, Hudson, Wisconsin

I loved Kathy's peace-filled, relaxed spirit while teaching.  I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge and personal stories and experience shared by both Kathy and David.  This really broadens the learning experience.
~ Deb Schweab, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Not only did the presenters do an awesome job, so did the assistants. I am grateful to all of them for  a spectacular weekend of learning and sharing.  Finally I have an understanding of chemistry which opens the doors even further to using the oils.  
~ Deb Cronk, Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota

Thank you for sharing your wealth of information, knowledge and experiences this past weekend at the CARE Intensive.  I was overwhelmed with all I learned, even the basics of chemistry!!!  You are an inspiration to me and I hope to be a part of more of your workshops.  And if you are ever in Long Island, you have a place to stay!
~ Tracy Wells, Babylon, New York

I believe the presentation was beautifully done, very knowledgeable and caring.  I hope the program continues to reach the north east.  So much is needed.  Excellent work!
~ Marie Higgs, Vestel, New York

Wonderful!  I can't wait to share my new gained knowledge with my church family.
~ Elaine Benjamin, Vestal, New York

This seminar was outstanding!  Kathy's knowledge and teaching style made for an incredible experience.  I look forward to learning more from Kathy in the future.
~ Nancy Moor, Baldwinsville, New  York

Outstanding knowledge in so many modalities is her asset alone with her intuitiveness.  I aspire to this level.  Excellent conference.
~ Jane Bennett, Jacksonville, Florida

These classes were exceptional!!  I called friends after the second day to tell them they had to attend a session in the future.  I learned so much this weekend and made some new friends that I think will be lifetime friends.  
~ Connie Bynum, Palatine, Illinois

These classes were amazing and the techniques I can use.  The chemistry was easy to learn.  I will practice it more when explaining about the oils.
~ Sonja Hoffmann, Millersport, Ohio

Kathy is so competent and compassionate.  Her extensive knowledge of the subject and wide experience in facilitating aromatherapy sessions is mastered by her joyful and caring personality.  
~ Debby Topliff, Saugatuck, Michigan

Debby also wrote:
I'm so glad I took the CARE classes from YOU this past weekend.  You are a wonderful teacher and facilitator and it moves me to see the heart of compassion that the Lord has placed in you.  Keep up the good work, girl!

Kathy is a great, patient, caring leader.  She brings out the best in all of us.  I learned far more than I anticipated and am instilled with joy and confidence!  Thank you!!!
~ Jackie Olsen, Plainwell, Michigan

Intense, but well choreographed program.  Lots of info incorporated by documentation and bibliography.  I felt I had a personal teacher, even though we had a large group.  Genuine people, passionate about their work.
~ Nicole Kasemire, Longmont, Colorado

This was life altering and I'm so glad that I was the first 'one' to sign up.
~ Rhonda Coman, Aurora, Colorado

New worlds of exploration have opened up for me and I feel both empowered and humbled.  I walk away with expanded awareness of the world in which I live.
~ Cecilia Lundkvist, Parker, Colorado

I am a teacher.  This is what I want to teach now!
~ Christina Hagan, Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is such a wonderful seminar about essential oils.  It has changed my life.
~ Jerry Thompson, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wow, I just finished the Syracuse training with Kathy Spohn and it was INCREDIBLE!  Kathy was very thorough in her teaching.  I was the fortunate one who was the receiver of the emotional release session and it had a powerful impact on me.  Through Kathy's guidance I was able to get to the root of my calling and understand what in my life had been holding me back from following my life's path.  It was a profound experience which I am still processing and working to understand.  Kathy is very intuitive and knew where I needed to go.
~ Marianne Strait, Liverpool, New York

This really clarifies the work with oils and is essential for the novice to the professional to understand, learn and know.
~ Stacy Steinberg, Northbrook, Illinois

The handouts were great!  The security that I was able to feel allowed me to release issues that I had been manifesting for over six months.  Even when I had problems at the end, everyone supported me.
~ Elaine Turczynski, Rolling Prairie, Indiana 

I've taken raindrop levels before, but this was the most informative, thorough, mind-blowing, hands-on I've ever experienced.  The Healing Oils of the Bible has helped me to find more scriptures pertaining to the oils to really share it with everyone!
~ Linda Greenfield, Jamaica, New York

This workshop was well worth my time and money. Your teaching style, knowledge and openness made the weekend flow smoothly and effectively.  I would recommend the course without hesitation.  My shoulder doesn't hurt anymore...I feel much more at peace with life.  I am tuned in like never before.  I want to learn more.
~ Trish Burkholder, Stouffville, Ontario

I came to learn about essential oils in God's way.  I left infused with renewed life force and amazing awarenesses.   Thank you!  
~ Kathleen Terrillion, Rochester, New York

Kathy is so well versed in the essential oils and bible verses.  She definitely being lead by God.
~ Paula LaClair, Sodus, New York

It was wonderful.  I didn't want to leave.
~ Pam Passinault, Spencerport, New York

This training gave me the confidence to go out and do this!  Kathy was very patient and helpful with refining techniques.  I know now that there is no longer any fear of failure left regarding my ding Raindrop.
~ Joyce Stoltz, Newark, New York

This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended.  Lots of supervised hands on training and loads of useful and helpful information.  Thank you for creating this program.  
~ Elizabeth Stouffers, Wheeling, Illinois

The intensive exceeded my high expectations.  All primary and assisting instructors were great and obviously put people first.  The tremendous caring and willingness to give of self was always evident.  The intensive provides an opportunity to build on previous knowledge or start new if unfamiliar with essential oils, to participate in personal growth experiences, and to meet wonderful people!
~ Jeannette Vaupe, RN, Genoa, Illinois

A wonderful speaker!  A wonderful experience.  It is obvious that these techniques, along with the essential oils, truly represent "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts."
~ Bill Harris, Physicist, Stone Gap, Virginia

Excellent program~A whole new look at how great God is in His plan for us, that even the plants are designed to heal us physically, mentally and emotionally.  I can't wait to put this knowledge to work.  A life changing program.
~ Nancy Ward, Kingsport, Tennessee

This was an awesome class!  Kathy was a great teacher full of knowledge and able to pass it on!  We give God all the praise, honor and glory for the oils!
Julie Starr, Abingdon, Virginia

This was an excellent seminar that I would highly recommend to everyone.  Anyone can do the VitaFlex and Raindrop Techniques and help others be well.  Its amazing how the oils work.  It's awesome how creative our God is.  Chemistry was presented in such a way that it's easy to understand and fun in the process.  It gives you an appreciation for learning some of how and why the oils ork in and on the body.  How awesome!  The plants truly are for food and medicine.  The emotional release class is a wonderful experience just to be there and observe the difference the oils make on the emotions and spirit.  I became a part of it.
~ Judy Addington, Elizabethton, Tennessee

I was the model for the emotional release.  It was awesome and I'm sure I will get more as the hours go on.  "Surely the Lord ~was~ in this place."  Thank you so much.
~ Judy Robinson, Knoxville, Tennessee

Thank you for teaching us how to help others heal, 3 John 2!
~ Carrie Wagner, Knoxville, Tennessee

Attending this seminar has had a huge impact on my life.  I cannot express how grateful I am for weaving the bible into every aspect of these classes.  Applying the scriptures enhanced my understanding for the application of the essential oils.  Before attending, I had read the testimonies on the class and the comments about the chemistry classes were very interesting.  I never even took high school chemistry, so I was not sure if I could follow.  In the first session I was following along fairly well, but having problems with some of the terminologies and was wondering how this was going to apply to me.  Then, in the second session I started seeing how understanding some basic chemistry not only helps when telling others about the oils, but is so helpful in knowing why they are so effective.  Then, a couple of days after the class, I was reading over the Oils of the Bible handout from the class and started writing notes on what I had learned in the chemistry class.  I would have never figured that I would be relating to chemistry in that way.  Thank you for coming to Oklahoma City, making it possible for me to attend.
~ Pam Green, Norman, Oklahoma

This was a repeat class for me and was worth every penny.  It has helped me tremendously personally and professionally in my natural health care work.
~ Dr. Sarah Chase, Brownsburg, Indiana

This was a wonderful experience.  The time went by fast.  Kathy is really knowledgeable on what she is teaching.  I love her relaxed style and the whole atmosphere.
~ Cindy Dubay, Grand Rapids, Michigan

This program has created a foundation of understanding and the ability to serve myself and others was wonderful.
~ Kathleen Bowers, Indianapolis, Indian

This intensive session is very intensive, but Kathy broke it down.   She made each topic understandable.  I never took chemistry in school and now I understand it!  Thank you for the past 4 days!
~ Jolene Kaczmarek, Delavan, Wisconsin

This was the best investment in learning I have ever made.  I now know chemistry and have a better sense of the wonderful body God gave us.
~ Rebecca Lambert, Defiance, Ohio

Kathy has a wonderful teaching aura.  She is very professional while keeping the class easy and fun.  It is easy to learn from Kathy.  Thank you.
~ Mary Ann Jackson, Harrison Township, Michigan

Kathy is an excellent instructor!  The CARE Intensive was very informative and fun!
~ Jerry Clark, Wyoming, Michigan

This seminar was so much more than I expected.  I had some preconceived notions that were totally in error.
~ Michelle Elliott, Holland, Michigan

I loved my Raindrop Technique session and saw great results.
~ Deborah Hardman, Mason, Michigan

Learning the chemistry of the oils made the applications of them make more sense.  The intense training broadened my horizon on the use of the oils.  Excellent information.
~ Annette Johnson, Ruth, Michigan

Kathy was a very knowledgeable and capable teacher!!  I was deeply touched by her kindness & wisdom.  Great Seminar!!!
~ Liz Campbell, Kalamazoo, Michigan

This is something that is needed in every community.  I would recommend it to everybody.  God Bless.  Keep it up.
~ Kenny Miller, Shipshewana, Indiana

Kathy's love of the Lord and His word is apparent.  She has personally come to places others only hear about.
~ Joan Pauley, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Kathy is an exceptional teacher and mentor.  She is thorough and passionate in her work.  I am eager to learn more and willing to assist her anytime!
~ Stephanie Stanley, Midland, Michigan

Kathy's experiences help to add credibility to the powerful efficacy of the oils and their use.  It was an amazing experience to see and to share in the transformations taking place as people receive treatments.  I also experienced an emotional transformation.
~ Dorothy Ward, Clarksville, Michigan

This is my second Full CARE Intensive with Kathy and I have gleaned so much more from her.  She's the best!
~ Kate Topliff, Sag Harbor, New York          

I had a great time and I learned so much.  Kathy is a gifted teacher.
~ Joanna Wilkosz, Rogoznica, Poland

This weekend was like being personally introduced to each essential oil, seeing where it came from, how it works, what a special area it can help and how the oils work together to bring balance and healing.  I have a deeper and amazing new viewpoint of God's love and power in giving us these plants and oils.  Hands down worth the price.  I am richer because of this training.
~ Denise Mingerink, Belding, Michigan

I am so glad to have taken the whole seminar.  Kathy Spohn's extensive knowledge of oils, chemistry, and hands-on techniques was excellent.
~ Carolyn Lyons, Cicksburg, Michigan

I learned many different things.  It was wonderful.  The hands-on training was amazing.
~ Julie Dingmon, Jerome, Michigan

This program has inspired my life and motivated me to invest myself into pursuing Young Living Oils into my life, to shine some light about God's given oils to enhance lives, even with Raindrop Technique.  May God bless my instructor and oil teacher.  I love you, Kathy!
~ Amy Andrade, Wyoming, Michigan

          Note:  The CARE Intensive Training the following participant 
          attended was translated into Spanish.  Her testimonial has 
          been translated into English.  Bi-Lingual Classes Available.  

Having this opportunity of being a participant of this workshop has helped me personally and I am looking forward to giving this help to others.  
~ Maria Chaidez, Spring Hill, Tennessee

The whole world of essential oils has changed my life forever.  I will never go back to the way I was before learning about the oils.
~ Mary Castro, Lowell, Michigan

I loved the program.  It tied it all together.  Thorough material.  I can see why people take this class over and over.  I will.  Excellent.
~ Mary Rynichi, Sterling, Michigan

A wonderful pleasure AGAIN!!!
~ Janice Prokopenko, Livonia, Michigan

Excellent Course - Very complete program.  You'd better hang onto this instructor!
~ TJ Merzlock, Pocatello, Idaho

Thank you so much for your attentive healing hands.  A huge burden has been lifted!
~ Karen Mead, Saugatuck, Michigan

I have no suggestions for improvement.  Everything was wonderful.  The class time flew by every day.
~ Candace Goll, Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Life Changing, a beautiful addition to my use of essential oils.
~ Nan Duffin, Syracuse, Utah

I am so thankful that God led me to this class!  Kathy has a true gift with her ability to work with people and make us feel at ease.  I will take what I learned to my family, friends and patients; and with God's guidance, facilitate the healing of many!  I would most definitely recommend this class to anyone.
~ Laura Tinning, D.O., Grand Rapids, Michigan

As a massage therapist, I highly recommend Kathy's CARE Intensive.  The training brings a whole new dimension to bodywork.  
~ Heather Wright, Burton, Michigan

Keep up the seminars.  People can learn so much!
~ Sandra Franklyn, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kathy's CARE Intensive has been very informative for me on my journey.  It feels like more pieces of the puzzle have been put in place.
~ Tamra Buhrman, Cheboygan, Michigan

I wouldn't have believed the power of the oils in emotional release without experiencing it.  I'm a true believer now.
~ Charlotte Klofhorn, Ann Arbor, Michigan

My doctor told my husband to send me to school to learn about naturopathic health care, but I don't think he knew about C.A.R.E..  If he did, I think he would go through the classes himself.  It brought together the missing links between chemistry, spirituality, healing, and science in a way that even this laywoman could understand.  If you've ever wondered how to make sense of the big picture, and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, this is the set of classes in which to indulge.  I never had chemistry in school because the interest just wasn't there for fear of getting lost in all the terminology.  These classes were very down to earth, and if you didn't understand something, not only did the instructor help you to understand, but the other students would chime in and help also.  The way the instructors lead you, makes you feel like all the classes were custommized just for you.  I just wish there were more medical practitioners, medical students, and residents that could be exposed to programs like this.  The way things came together, made this course worth its weight in gold - Just a wealth of information, but still not overwhelming.  Thank you and God bless.
~ Nyla Diegel, Otisville, Michigan

The world can become a happier, more loving place like God's intent.  We just need to get more people to take your class!!
~ Brian Hitchcock, Webberville, Michigan

I thank God for the gift He has given you to teach us and share your experiences. ~ Roseanne Bean, Flint, Michigan

This CARE Intensive is helpful for everyday use.  Kathy is a gifted and intuitive individual.  I would highly recommend this full CARE Intensive. 
~Sally VanSickle, Bay City, Michigan

Excellent program.  We learned so much.  Kathy is a special person!  
~ Elizabeth Dellar, Harrisville, Michigan

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